Dear colleagues, I found on the Internet these dogs made ​​with recycled materials, created by the Englishman Robert Bradford. Beautiful! I loved it and my students as well. My class is adept at doing work with recycled materials.
Alice- Portugal
My litle artists - Portugal

Mandalas- Portugal
Centro Escolar de Portela

Centro Escolar de Portela- Portugal
Our Puppies made with bottles of juice

Dogs - Paint -----Portugal
Dogs in Art- Portugal on PhotoPeach

Here are our drawings related to our good fur friends. 3A graders from Brasov, Romania

Here are our paintings...

And first drawings from Poland - class 1c, SP 13, Olsztyn-Poland

Origami - class 1c, SP 13, Olsztyn-Poland

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1 st grade "George Cosbuc School" Baia Mare, Romania

Jolanta- 1 c class, Olsztyn, Poland
April 2012

monikapies.jpgMonika's dog.