,,Zdreanţă" - " Rag" by Tudor Arghezi- 3A graders from Braşov

 Here is one of the most beautiful poems about dogs in Romanian literature for children: "Zdreanta" by Tudor Arghezi. 


by Tudor Arghezi

Did you happen to see Rag, 
The one with porcelain eyes? 
He’s a dog so hairy, he’s raggedy, 
But he’s handsome. 
It seems he’s gathered from patches
And that they make him trip all the time.
His tatters hang 
Over his eyes, his turned-up nostril, 
And he’s tangled and untangled,
Like he’s spun out of [unprocessed] wool on a spindle. 
He however has the ear
Of an unmatched thief [pickpocket].
He circles round the chicken coop,
Fur all messy and long, 
Waiting for an hour or two
For a hen to lay an egg, 
The hen clucks
When she lays a fresh egg. 
Since he’s been in this household
He’s learnt a lot, and he knows [a lot], 
And on his fours, crawling,
He creeps furtively, 
Lays a paw, takes with his muzzle, 
And he swallows the entire egg.

“Where’s the egg?” asked
The housewife. –“He ate it!”
“Wait a little, I’ll unlearn you, 
Without [using] a broom and a stick, 
Momma will teach you!”
And she gave him a hot egg. 
But as soon as he put it in his mouth, 
Rag dropped it, 
And swore with a bark.

When he looks at the hen—
His neighbor,

Rag says to himself,
“She’s a damn tricky one!”



,,Zdreanţă" - " Rag" by Tudor Arghezi- 1A Class from Baia Mare

"Catelusul schiop"- "lame puppy" by Elena Farago- 1A Class from Baia Mare

Polish literature for children-
The black lamb by Jan Grabowski.

Two sisters had got a sheep – Pearl. Pearl the sheep was very intelligent. She was walking with girls through the town. All children wanted to take care of Pearl the sheep. Pearl the sheep gave a birth to Metka the lamb and in some days died. Sisters were very sad. They cried all day, because they loved Pearl the sheep very much.
They were afraid that Metka the lamb would die without mother. They went to their neighbor and asked for help. The neighbour decided to introduce a little lamb to his dog . Its name was Wierna. Wierna the dog had a baby- a little puppy . Its name was Bear. Metka the lamb and Bear the little dog made friends. They were playing all days, frightened ducks, fought with hens. Metka the lamb behaved as a dog. Girls were happy that Metka the lamb was healthy and all children in the town wanted to have such a pet.