Michał from Olsztyn, Poland helps dogs in the local animal shelter. Now he and his mum is a foster family for dogs.

Centro Escolar de Portela-Portugal
Marco and Maria João - dogs

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Centro Escolar de Portela- Portugal

Lara and her little friend. on PhotoPeach
3A graders from Braşov book about their fur friends..

 Hello, dear friends...Here is our book about our fur friends....


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Bartek has got a little dog - Beti. It is 5 months old.
class 1c, SP 13, Olsztyn-Poland.

Patryk has got a big dog - Roki. It is big and black.

Adrian has got a little dog- Roki- like Patryk's dog.

Pola's dog - Nestor

Marcel's dog

Rozalia's dog

1A Class from Baia Mare

Me and my Dog on PhotoPeach

My plush toy on PhotoPeach